Westpac optimises employment through Tailored Talent

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Westpac Group has partnered with Specialisterne Australia to deliver its new Tailored Talent internship program. This innovative employment model helps create pathways for organisations to access neurodiverse talent.

Designed to facilitate a heightened connection between Westpac’s recruitment needs and career opportunities for talented people on the autism spectrum, Westpac is already seeing the benefits. A targeted approach has helped the company to discover remarkable talent, build engagement and optimise its broader employment strategy.

Westpac Inclusion and Diversity Consultant Rachel Ranton said:

‘We hadn’t been able to find the right talent through our traditional recruitment processes. We don’t want 1000 different programs with 1000 different approaches. We want to take what we learn and apply that across our broader recruitment practice.’

With touchpoints across the entire organisation, all Westpac’s people leaders are critical to the ongoing success of Tailored Talent. Ms Ranton offered five tips to other organisations thinking about targeted employment.

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