Sydney Assessment Centre success

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Specialisterne recognise and acknowledge individuals on the autism spectrum experience many challenges and barriers through the conventional recruitment processes most employers use. As a result, people on the autism spectrum are significantly underrepresented in the workforce.

In August 2019 Specialisterne commenced the first pilot Cluster Assessment Centre in Sydney where 13 candidates participated in a two-week Training and Assessment Program. Candidates were assessed for roles in IT, Data Analysis and Electrical Manufacturing using Specialisterne’s standard training and assessment model and tools.

Week one involved an individual challenge where each candidate created an innovation using LEGO Mindstorm kits, with the theme for the challenge to design, build and code a robot to automate a task or tasks that will make the lives of humans easier. This culminated in a practical demonstration of the robotic innovation and candidates presented their innovation to their peers and a panel followed by Q&A. Candidates received very positive feedback from the AGL panel.

Week two involved a group challenge where each group had to create an innovation using LEGO Mindstorm kits and/or Augmented Reality. Again, the candidates presented their innovation to a panel and received great feedback from Apple and Jigsaw.

During the program we were able to connect a number of Sydney based employers with the many talents of autistic individuals, and enable them to diversify their workforce and further enhance their organisation through neurodiversity.

Candidates also received in-depth practical training to prepare for employment and were assessed for suitable pathways to employment in multiple organisations including AGL, PwC, Atlassian, Macquarie Bank, 12d Synergy, and Uber.

The breadth and depth of the talent of candidates was outstanding and a number of candidates have now moved into roles with AGL and with more organisations showing interest in recruiting this talent.

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