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Here we introduce you to one of our fantastic team members, Louise Dixon, who has been with Specialisterne Australia since February 2018.

Lou is Executive Support and Administration Co-ordinator for Specialisterne Australia and is based in our Melbourne office and has responsibility for managing the administrative function within Specialisterne including EA support to the CEO, implementation of policies and procedures, branding, event management, co-ordination of senior management and Board papers/minutes and everything in between!

Here’s a sneak peek into the life of Lou!

Q: What attracted you to working with Specialisterne?
The fact that they do such great hands on work connecting autistic people to jobs – they are successful in so many counties worldwide and their work is even encouraged by the UN. And then I met with Jason and Julie for an interview and I was sold!

Q: What’s your typical week look like?
My week is extremely varied. I can be doing anything from answering the phone, to organising autism awareness events Australia-wide, writing grants, minuting Board Meetings, arranging appropriate travel and accommodation for staff on programs…and much, much more.

Q: What gives you a buzz in your job?
I LOVE when our autism awareness raising events go well – some of the autistic speakers we have are superb at sharing their stories with the audience, as are the employer speakers, who have implemented our programs. The audience leaves feeling inspired and they ‘get it’ – they get how autistic talent can significantly improve their workforce.

Q: Before working at Specialisterne, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?
I used to live in Germany and worked marketing Irish speciality food and drink products to several European countries. I toured Ireland with European buyers, visiting producers of some of the most amazing products, and of course sampling them all. A great job indeed!

Q: What are three things most people don’t know about you?
I was pretty good at Sports Acrobatics when I was younger.
I enjoy a glass of wine (oh, wait, actually everyone knows that about me!)
I am addicted to salt and vinegar chips and eat them every night.

Q: What’s one thing you would like people to know about Specialisterne?
Every single one of our team is passionate about finding jobs for autistic people.

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