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The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) both recognise that there is a unique opportunity for Victorian Departments to work together to meet their business needs in an innovative way by tapping into the autism advantage. The team that was originally placed by Specialisterne at DHHS (the RISE Team) was given an opportunity to work at DELWP in the Digital Cadastre Modernisation (DCM) field. The RISE Team was selected for these roles in January /February 2019 as they have proven to be an innovative and high achieving team, with an impressive eye for and attention to detail, low tolerance for error and skilled at effectively managing large volumes of work required within the role of record management officers.

The RISE@DHHS Team was invited to participate in a Specialisterne training and assessment program to learn about performing the day to day tasks of a Data Analyst within the DELWP Team and for the most suitable candidates to be selected.

There were 7 RISE@DHHS employees who seized this opportunity over a two-week period with 3 people being offered Data Analyst positions within the DCM Project.  DELWP believe that the modernised digital cadastre will transform the way information is gathered, stored and accessed, providing a foundation for improved digital property and land registration services for Victorians. For the selected team members who were offered positions at DELWP, their record management skillset offered strong transferable skills for the data analyst positions.

During the two-week program, Specialisterne offered guidance to the candidates and the hiring team at DELWP. Specialisterne provided autism awareness training to both the broader DELWP Team as well as the specific DCM DELWP Team, including the supervisor, buddy and mentor. This capacity building proved to be invaluable for the success of this program.

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