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Westpac Bank

Westpac in Sydney partnered with Specialisterne in 2017 to tap into neurodiverse talent. Through their ‘Tailored Talent’ program, Westpac created new pathways for autistic candidates to integrate into meaningful roles across their business, including Risk, Finance and IT. Twelve candidates were assessed over three weeks through Specialisterne’s tailored recruitment program consisting of onsite workshops, simulated work activities and practical work experiences. The program allowed Westpac to adapt their existing hiring process for people on the autism spectrum to create an opportunity to demonstrate and showcase their skills.

A candidate from the program said “The organisers of the program and the hiring manager were able to look past my issues with interpersonal communication to see the value that I could add to the organisation”.

Westpac declared “Our team have all benefited from having someone with a different way of thinking”.

One of Westpac’s newest recruits, Todd Cefai, has lost count of the number of job interviews he’s been to since leaving university. The 24 year-old studied biology and genetics at the University of NSW, is a self-taught data analyst and adjudicates debating competitions in his spare time. But like many people on the autism spectrum, he’d been unable to land a full time job.  Read more about Todd here and watch a video clip on the program.

The Australian Network on Disability wrote an article on the success of the program. One of the successful candidates, Trevor Quach said “I couldn’t get a job until the Tailored Talent program. Now, I feel motivated, driven and excited to work very hard. I feel an enormous sense of loyalty to Westpac.” Read more here.

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