Our Specialisterne Australia team is based at La Trobe University in Victoria and works on large employment programs across Australia.

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Assessment & Support Manager,


Jay Hobbs is the Assessment and Support Manager based in Brisbane at The Autism CRC head office. Jay has been working with people with autism in both the UK and Australia for over fifteen years. Jay has worked with children and adolescents as a teacher and regional autism consultant, has lead the Robotics Social Clubs Autism CRC research project and has a Master of Professional Psychology. Jay works under the supervision of Dr. Michelle Garnett and Prof. Tony Attwood. Above all Jay is passionate about implementing positive initiatives that make a real difference for people on the autism spectrum and their families.


2016-04-14 08.29.44JASON WHITE,

Employment Services Manager,


Jason White has joined Specialisterne Australia as Employment Services Manager based in Melbourne at La Trobe University. For more than 10 years Jason has worked in various programs under the Australian Governments Employment Services initiatives. Since 2009 he has worked exclusively with the Autism community, with a focus on assisting young adults with Autism to participate in employment. Jason has a passion for engaging employers and the community at large to highlight the capabilities of individuals on the Autism Spectrum and the positive benefit that can be enjoyed from employing them.



Innovation Manager,


Bec Flower has joined Specialisterne Australia in the role of Innovation Manager and is based in Melbourne at La Trobe University. Bec became passionate about working with adults with autism while working with a large number of teens and adults during her PhD and through her work as a social skills facilitator for individuals with autism. She recognised the unique skills and abilities of this population of individuals, and the lack of services available. Bec has a passion for applying research to real life settings, and raising awareness among employers and the wider community of the strengths of individuals with autism as employees.



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