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Location: Melbourne

Role: Julie is the CEO of Specialisterne Australia

Julie brings a wealth of experience to our team, with over 20 years of community, not-for-profit and social enterprise experience. Julie is passionate about changing the way employers and businesses think about autistic talent within their workforce and her role at Specialisterne will be integral in reaching our global goal of 1 million careers by 2030.



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National Manager, Business Development and Engagement,

E: jason.white@specialisterne.com

Location: Melbourne

Role: Jason looks after our business development, program delivery and management, and client relations.

Jason White joined Specialisterne Australia in 2016 as Employment Services Manager based in Melbourne. Jason has worked in various programs under the Australian Government’s Employment Services initiatives for more than 10 years. Since 2009 he has worked exclusively with the autism community, with a focus on assisting young adults on the spectrum to participate in employment. Jason has a passion for engaging employers and the community at large to highlight the capabilities of individuals on the autism spectrum and the positive benefit that can be enjoyed from employing them. 




National Manager, Quality and Practice,

E: info.au@specialisterne.com

Location: Sydney

Role:  Vicky is responsible for our program delivery, business development and managing client relationships.

Vicky Little joined Specialisterne in October 2017 as an Employment Services Manager based in Sydney. Vicky is a passionate disability advocate, trainer and mentor with over 13 years’ experience in the field of autism employment in Australia and the UK. Vicky’s experience includes developing and delivering autism specific work readiness programs, training employers and higher education institutes and establishing NSW’s first autism specific employment service.

Vicky is passionate about working with employers to raise awareness of the strengths and capabilities of individuals on the autism spectrum in the workplace and coaching individuals to enable them to thrive at work. Vicky strives to empower employers to tap into these skills and create inclusive workplaces that embrace neurodiversity.




Program Manager, Qld, NSW and NT

E: angela.bueti@specialisterne.com

Location: Qld

Angela has a strong background in training and education, with extensive experience managing workforce development programs across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Her passion is assisting disadvantaged job seekers to secure meaningful and sustainable employment, and assisting businesses to recognise and harness the talents of each individual.




Specialisterne Consultant,

E: nick.giustino@specialisterne.com

Location: Melbourne

Role: Nick’s role is to market and deliver structured training programs on behalf of Jobs Victoria Employment Network.

Nick joined Specialisterne Australia in January 2018. Nick had worked in the Corporate sector for over 10 years and performed a variety of roles that included, service delivery, training and development and leadership. Nick joined the Community Services sector in 2014 as an Employment Consultant delivering vocational workshops and support that helped individuals gain sustainable employment before he progressed to a Site Manager role within Disability Employment Services.  Nick is committed to supporting and empowering a variety of individuals with barriers to employment. Over the past 3 years Nick had the opportunity to work closely with individuals on the autism spectrum and provided support, mentoring and leadership.




Specialisterne Consultant,

E: steph.carayannis@specialisterne.com

Location: Melbourne

Role: Steph’s role is to market and deliver structured training programs on behalf of the Information, Linkage and Capacity Building (ILC) Program under the NDIS.

Steph Carayannis joined Specialisterne Australia in February 2018. Her passion for working with individuals on the spectrum started in 2013 when she began volunteer work providing early intervention therapy to children recently diagnosed with autism. Following this, she went on to work with children in clinics, schools and homes by providing early intervention therapy as well as developing and implementing transition and behaviour support plans.

Steph holds a Bachelor of Psychology Studies from Victoria University, Graduate Certificate of Social Science (Human Services-Counselling) from Swinburne University and a Graduate Diploma of Professional Psychology from Monash University. In addition, Steph is trained in Applied Behaviour Analysis as well as the Early Start Denver Model.

Steph is committed to increasing employment opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum by working with employers to increase their understanding of autism as well as illustrating the amazing strengths and skills that each individual possesses. She is dedicated to create inclusive, transparent and accommodating workplace environments that are in line with the interests and needs of each individual.




Specialisterne Consultant,

E: georgie.walker@specialisterne.com

Location: Melbourne

Role: Georgie’s role is to market and deliver structured training programs on behalf of the Information, Linkage and Capacity Building (ILC) Program under the NDIS.

Georgie joined Specialisterne Australia in February 2018. Georgie holds a Masters in Clinical Counselling from Australian Catholic University (ACU), Graduate Diploma of Psychology from Swinburne University, Diploma of Community Services (Alcohol & Other Drugs / Mental Health) from RMIT University, Bachelor of Business from Swinburne University and a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment from RMIT University. Georgie holds a Youth Mental Health First Aid Certificate. She is also trained as an Animal-Assisted Counsellor whereby she and her Toy Cavoodle dog Millie can work together as a Human-Canine Team in order to help individuals overcome their trauma and/or anxiety.

Georgie’s interest for working with individuals on the autism spectrum started in 2016 when she completed a student counselling placement at a Primary School in Melbourne where she came across many children at the primary school who were on the autism spectrum. Georgie was privileged enough to see how therapeutic it can be to actually incorporate some Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) and activities with some of the children dealing with trauma, anxiety and/or learning difficulties. Georgie and Millie were able to help several children on the spectrum to regulate their emotions and anxiety responses simply by stroking Millie’s ears and back as well as improving their reading and comprehension awareness when reading Millie a story and/or teaching Millie how to construct sentences.

Whether Georgie’s work is with adults, children or families, she has a true passion for helping people overcome their fears, doubts and addictions. Georgie has a real enthusiasm for helping young adults on the autism spectrum to identify and recognise their own strengths and capabilities as individuals. She is excited to help these individuals to discover their unique skill sets in order for them to find employment in their interested field.




Specialisterne Consultant,

E: kate.halpin@specialisterne.com

Location: Sydney

Role: Kate’s role is to market Specialisterne through business development, program development and training support.

Kate Halpin joined Specialisterne Australia in August 2018. Kate is an experienced Human Resource Professional with a passion for creating diverse and inclusive disability employment pathways.

Kate is driven to assist and educate organisations to create engaged, diverse and inclusive workforces which foster innovation and utilise the unique strengths adults on the Autism Spectrum can bring to an organisation.




Specialisterne Consultant (Jobs Victoria Program Lead)

E: wade.leonard@specialisterne.com

Location: Melbourne

Role: Wade’s role is responsibility for the on ground delivery and facilitation of Jobs Victoria programs. Activities include candidate sourcing, assessment and employment preparation support work for adults on the autism spectrum. The role also provides coaching and support for candidates and their workplace supervisors/coaches post placement.

Wade has worked extensively in the disability sector. He has over 20 year’s experience in this sector utilising his skills in sales, leadership, training and development and also showcasing people’s abilities, strengths and empowering them to achieve.

Being accredited with the National Panel of Assessors has given Wade a knowledgeable insight to ongoing supports, this being the corner stone of longevity in successful employment outcomes. Wade believes and advocates for inclusivity in a work place, upholding the moto a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.



Specialisterne Finance and Operations Officer

E: Maurice.gartland@specialisterne.com

Location: Melbourne

Role: Maurice’s has responsibility for managing the finance function within Specialisterne. He has significant experience in the accounting and management field including preparation and analysis of financial reports and managing internal and external audits. Maurice has over 20 year experience leading teams and reporting to Senior Management in formulating budgets, reporting on organisational performance and setting strategic direction.

He has a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) and is CPA qualified. Maurice’s primary objective is to make a positive contribution to the community.



Specialisterne Executive Support & Administration Officer

E: louise.dixon@specialisterne.com

Location: Melbourne

Role: Lou has responsibility for managing the administrative function within Specialisterne including EA support to the CEO, implementation of policies & procedures, branding, event management, co-ordination of senior management and Board papers/minutes. She has significant experience in administration and marketing in the government and not for profit sectors. Lou has an honours degree in European Business and Languages.  She is passionate about making a positive contribution to the world and volunteers as Secretary on several local Committees.

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