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Assessment & Support Manager,

E: jay.hobbs@specialisterne.com

Location: Brisbane

Role: Jay works with clients to design and deliver large employment and work readiness programs across Australia.

Jay Hobbs is the Assessment and Support Manager based in Brisbane at the Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism (Autism CRC). Jay has worked with people on the autism spectrum and their families for over fifteen years in both Australia and the UK. Jay led the robotics social clubs research with the Autism CRC, has a Master of Professional Psychology and currently works under the supervision of Dr. Michelle Garnett and Prof. Tony Attwood. Jay has worked on large employment programs with corporate clients such as HP, SAP and SunPork Farms. Jay is passionate about working with people on the spectrum particularly in the areas of psychology, education and employment.


2016-04-14 08.29.44JASON WHITE,

Employment Services Manager,

E: jason.white@specialisterne.com

Location: Melbourne

Role: Jason looks after our business development, program delivery and management, and client relations.

Jason White joined Specialisterne Australia in 2016 as Employment Services Manager based in Melbourne. Jason has worked in various programs under the Australian Government’s Employment Services initiatives for more than 10 years. Since 2009 he has worked exclusively with the autism community, with a focus on assisting young adults on the spectrum to participate in employment. Jason has a passion for engaging employers and the community at large to highlight the capabilities of individuals on the autism spectrum and the positive benefit that can be enjoyed from employing them. 




Research & Innovation Manager,

E: rebecca.flower@specialisterne.com

Location: Melbourne

Role:  Bec is responsible for our research projects, development of tools, intellectual property and quality control.

Dr Rebecca (Bec) Flower joined Specialisterne Australia in March 2017. Prior to joining Specialisterne Bec worked with autistic teens and adults for 4 years in her work facilitating social groups and during her PhD in psychology, which she completed at Flinders University under the supervision of Professors Robyn Young and Neil Brewer. Bec also has a Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) from La Trobe University. Prior to her PhD, Bec worked for two years as a research assistant, researching organisational psychology and human resource management.

Having met so many autistic teens and adults who would make fabulous employees but whom were struggling to find employment opportunities, Bec is passionate about improving awareness and opportunity for the autistic community. When she heard about Specialisterne, she knew she would love to work for the company, and contacted them directly after finishing her PhD!

Bec keeps up to date with worldwide activity regarding autism and employment, works on expanding our knowledge base and developing new methods we can apply at Specialisterne Australia, and partners with other researchers on projects to increase our knowledge in the area of autism and employment.




Employment Services Manager,

E: vicky.little@specialisterne.com

Location: Sydney

Role:  Vicky is responsible for our program delivery, business development and managing client relationships.

Vicky Little joined Specialisterne in October 2017 as an Employment Services Manager based in Sydney. Vicky is a passionate disability advocate, trainer and mentor with over 11 years’ experience in the field of autism employment in Australia and the UK. Vicky’s experience includes developing and delivering autism specific work readiness programs, training employers and higher education institutes and establishing NSW’s first autism specific employment service.

Vicky is passionate about working with employers to raise awareness of the strengths and capabilities of individuals on the autism spectrum in the workplace and coaching individuals to enable them to thrive at work. Vicky strives to empower employers to tap into these skills and create inclusive workplaces that embrace neurodiversity.

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