Autism West Symposium

The Big Picture

‘The Autism West Symposium aims to empower people on the spectrum through showcasing inspirational speakers (some with lived experience), featuring people, organisations and thought leaders doing amazing work in the community. Specialisterne are proud to be represented at the Autism West Symposium by our Assessment & Support Manager Jay Hobbs.


Specialisterne Presentation,

Friday 3rd of November, Breakout Session 12:20 – 1:05


Autism & Employment, finding and keeping your dream career

This presentation will focus on employment and how individuals on the autism spectrum can establish excellent careers in their area of interest and expertise. The many strengths and skills of individuals on the autism spectrum will be highlighted within the context of employment in Australia. During the presentation Jay will share his experiences at Specialisterne (The Specialists) Australia which was established in 2015 with the goal to enable 12,000 careers for people on the autism spectrum by 2025. This will include a description of working with employers to plan and implement a number of innovative employment programs in industries that vary from IT, to agriculture and engineering.

Jay will also discuss some of the typical challenges autistic individuals face in finding and keeping employment. A number of practical strategies will be explained that may help individuals managing the transition from education to employment, find suitable employment options and sell their individual skills to employers. The ‘Thriving at work’ program which has been developed in collaboration with Dr. Michelle Garnett and Prof Tony Attwood will be outlined as a resource that can be used to prepare for or maintain a meaningful career.

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