Specialisterne Australia announces latest partnership with Westpac Bank

Specialisterne is proud to announce our recent partnership with Westpac to help create a neurodiverse workforce. Through the recent Tailored Talent program, Specialisterne Australia supported Westpac in Sydney to create new pathways for many people on the autism spectrum which will fill skill gaps across their business, including Finance, IT and Risk:

The Guardian May 1, 2013

Specialisterne featured in the Guardian “An inspiring enterprise which employs and empowers people with autism has already expanded to eight countries.”

The Autism Advantage – New York Times Magazine November 29, 2012

Read the article “The Autism Advantage” where Thorkil Sonne is betting that, given the right environment, an autistic adult could not just hold down a job but also be the best for it.

The New York Times online blog June 30, 2011

Putting the Gifts of the Autistic to Work When his son was diagnosed with autism, Thorkil Sonne was given a new insight into the unique talents of those with the disorder – so he set up a consultancy firm with the aim to create one million jobs for “specialist people”, writes JOANNE HUNT MOST JOBS […]

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