STEMLabs workshops

The STEMLabs workshop is designed for individuals on the spectrum who are either enrolled at university, or transitioning between high school and university.

**The most recent STEMLabs workshop was conducted in December 2018. We are not currently conducting STEMLabs workshops. To register your interest in participating in future STEMLabs programs, contact**


  • Specialisterne Australia are about creating career opportunities for people—not just jobs. We offer a tailored workshop and assessment program whereby applicants can demonstrate in a practical, hands-on environment their skills and abilities to employers. Often this has been for roles in the fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).


  • Our assessment process is unique- we give individuals the opportunity to show their skills, and use a variety of tools to identify strengths of candidates and any support needs in the workplace.


  • Participants in the STEMLabs workshops are involved in a range of activities which will allow the Specialisterne facilitators to observe individual strengths across various aspects of STEM, like we would in an employment assessment. You will participate in both individual and group challenges during the program using LEGO Mindstorms educational robots.


  • At the end of the program, participants receive a Candidate Profile Report. This report will outline each participants’ strengths and specialist qualities based on observations throughout the STEMLabs workshop.


  • Each participant will also have the option to be included on Specialisterne’s employment program notification list.

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