Thriving At Work Program

A work readiness program for adults on the Autism Spectrum

Specialisterne Australia has teamed up with Doctor Michelle Garnett and Professor Tony Attwood to offer a work readiness program for adults on the autism spectrum. The program is designed to identify individual strengths and challenges in a work environment as well as successful strategies to address them. The Thriving at Work program has been designed by Michelle and Tony based on psychological research and their many years of clinical practice.

Identifying Strengths

This program has been designed to help individuals on the autism spectrum to spend time identifying their strengths and to discuss how these qualities can be an asset in their current or potential work environment. Individuals on the autism spectrum bring many awesome strengths to their work and these can include among many:

  • attention to detail
  • strong work commitment
  • single minded focus on the work task
  • extraordinary creativity
  • creative problem-solving capacity
  • loyalty

Identifying Challenges

Thriving at Work is also designed to support people on the autism spectrum to identify their individual challenges as well as strategies that may help to overcome them. Tony and Michelle also identify that there are some commonalities in the challenges faced by people on the autism spectrum at work. These can include:

  • high levels of anxiety and stress
  • Social communication problems e.g. recognizing the hierarchy at work, social chit chat with colleagues and being misunderstood by others.
  • Challenges with managing a healthy sleep routine
  • A tendency to self blame

Developing a Plan

An important part of the Thriving at Work program is to share ideas and strategies that have helped the individual to succeed in the past as well as potential solutions that have a good chance of succeeding in the future. The small group nature of the program allows for discussion and sharing of strategies that have worked for other individuals on the autism spectrum as well as strategies identified by research and Michelle and Tony’s clinical experience.

The Collaboration with Specialisterne


Our Assessment and Support Manager Jay Hobbs was involved in the first program ever run by Michelle and Tony in February of 2017. We are pleased to advise that Jay has now been trained to facilitate the program and will work under the supervision of Michell and Tony.  If you are a person on the autism spectrum interested in participating in this program please contact us for more details. We also plan to work with autism organisations and psychology clinics around Australia interested in learning to facilitate Thriving at Work programs themselves. If you are interested in learning to facilitate this program please contact Jay Hobbs at

Topics covered during this program include;
  1. Stress Management & Sensory Tools
  2. Organisational Tools
  3. Thinking Tools
  4. Social Communication Tools
  5. Creation of Plan to Thrive







To register your interest, please contact Mr Jay Hobbs at

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